How to Make Your Presentations More Memorable

Finding it tough to design a more memorable presentation?

Why not try building your talk around a relevant keyword?

This is my favourite way to organize my seminars. 

I love building my presentations around relevant keywords.

I find that audiences remember the talk better when I use that format. 

I also have a selfish reason for using keywords.

In the event of PowerPoint failure, I'm able to still deliver the talk effectively. 

All I have to do is remember the keyword and I'm good to go.

This was a week of presentations.

On Tuesday I held a workshop titled "6 BEAUTY Tips for Effective Public Speaking.

In the audience were the 20 finalists of this year's Miss Ghana pageant.

The keyword was BEAUTY and here are the six tips :

BEGIN (speak often)
ENGAGE the audience 
AUDIENCE (do your research)
UNDERRATE (don't do it)
TRAINING (necessary)
YOU (develop your own style)


First stop: A venue called Impact Hub in Osu, Accra for a presentation on public speaking for entrepreneurs.

I used the word IMPACT to focus on six audiences with whom entrepreneurs need to communicate. 

Here they are.

PANEL (of industry experts)
TEAMS (Employees)

Next stop: The seaside town of Prampram in Ghana's Greater Accra Region for a talk on how to use personal branding to earn extra money.

I based my presentation on how I used my presenting skills to progress from a side hustle to building a career.

The keyword I used was PRAMPRAM and here are the steps I talked about.

PICK (your best skill)
APPLY (the knowledge)
MEDIA (as in social media)
REVIEW (competition)
ADAPT (to the market)
MENTOR others 

On Sunday, I spoke to 60 junior high school graduates about how to improve their networking and entrepreneurial skills.

The keyword for this talk?



Well, everyone in the audience had just written the BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination).

I figured they would pay attention if I relate my presentation to their personal experience. 

I focused on the attitudes they would need to succeed.

in summary, I charged the teenagers to:

BELIEVE in themselves 
EXPERIMENT with many ideas
CHALLENGE themselves to excel 
EXPECT positive outcomes

So that's the keyword formula for designing an awesome presentation. 

Audiences love it!

You can use a word that describes your listeners (BEAUTY).

Another option is to employ a word that relates to their location (IMPACT, PRAMPRAM)

You can also build your talk around your listeners' shared experience (BECE).

It's a great way to customize a presentation for your audiences. 

It also guarantees that they will remember your talk. 

Use the keyword formula to guarantee that your next presentation will be described by your audience with one word.