Mastery by Joyce Daniels

Today is the first in the #TitleTuesday series! Every Tuesday, I'll give you a peek into a book I've read. Today's is simply titled Mastery by Joyce Daniels, quintessential speaker, MC and trainer from Africa's most populous country Nigeria.

If you are an aspiring MC, a part-timer or practising your craft full time, you really should own a copy of this book. Right there on the cover, it promises to "boost your speaking income by
becoming a professional event host MC".

Now tell me, which MC wouldn't want a piece of that?
So what do you get after turning 183 pages of this remarkably readable book?
How about MC tips from twelve masters of ceremonies from all over the world?
How about advice on the skills, etiquette, and research needed to become
a highly sought after MC?
How about making the transition from speaking for free to working for a
And having fun while you do it too?

It's all inside the book!

I read it from cover to cover in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it! In fact I've already decided to implement one tactic from Mastery. Great thing is this title is available in three formats: hard copy,
ebook and audio.

Check out Joyce Daniels at

A little bird tells me she has a new book coming out soon.
That should be worth waiting for.
But first things first.
Read Mastery if you haven't already.

You'll be glad you did.

I certainly am!